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A Day at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

I’m a nature lover. It doesn’t show though — having spent 26 years in Manhattan, I’m just as tough as any city dweller out there. But every chance I’d get, I’d leave my desk job and seek refuge in Mother Nature’s arms.

Say It The Tico Way 26

One of the best features of a tican is their sexy lips. They’re so irresistable that you can’t help but kiss them in the JETA (heh-tah).

Say It The Tico Way 25

When you go out on a date with a hot tican, make sure you prepare her for a fun evening. The minute she starts looking AGÜEVADO (ah-gwen-vah-doh), you’re losing her.

You Deserve A Universe Of Congratulations!

Here’s a belated congratulations to Rica Johanna Solano for being a semi-finalist in the recently concluded (and highly anticipated) Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant in Sao Paolo, Brazil. You may not have won the crown for Costa Rica, but you’re so hot we think you already a winner!