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Coco Taxis and Copellias

One of the personal highlights of my trip was taking a ride in a coco taxi. These pedicab-sized yellow transports are amusing to look at but hard to describe without pictures. From the front, I would say that they resemble giant motorcycle helmets, where the openings are where the eye goggles would be. These are the taxis that patrol Cuba’s roads day and night, and although they house Italian engines, can be said to be masterpieces of local design.

A Moment In Time

You know BobbyRica rubs elbows with celebrities. But did he took everyone by surprise when we see an old photo of him shaking hands with no less than Fidel Castro. Who would’ve thought he goes around?

A Reason To Visit Cuba 1

Sunsets can be quite grand in Cuba. This is at the Capitolio of Old Habana where three landmarks stand: the Gran Teatro de la Habana, Hotel Inglaterra, and Hotel Telgrafo. Watch them at sunset and you know you’re hooked.

Say It The Habano Way 3

When you head downtown in the capital of Cuba and you want to explore the it-looks-like-I’ve-stepped-into-a-time-machine streets of Centro Habana, it’s best you wear a comfortable pair of CHANCLETAS (tsan-kle-tas) to make exploring easy. Your feet will thank you later.

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