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One Of The Best Beaches In Cuba: Cayo Coco

Very few places can compare with the raw beauty of Cayo Coco. It is one of the best places to dive. Located in the Atlantic coast, it is the fourth largest island in the archipelago. With up to 370 square kilometers, its fine sand beaches are 10km long with emerald-colored crystal-clear waters. Beyond is the coral reef that’s as wide as the beach. It houses a diversity array of marine species. Since it is a protected wildlife preserve, marine life is abundant.

Say It The Habano Way 2

When you hear the phrase ESE HUEVO QUIERE SAL (eh-se hoo-we-voh ker sahl), it may literally mean this egg wants salt. But in reality, it just means one is getting horny.

Why Are Cuban Cigars Banned in The U.S.?

Cuban cigars may be the highest-quality cigars in the world. But unfortunately for cigar-loving folks who live in the United States, the exquisite taste of Cuban cigar may never reach their lips. Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States. Don’t even attempt to smuggle Cuban cigars in the country — you’ll only be wasting your money because they will be confiscated at the border.

Say It The Habano Way 1

When you’re with Cuban friends and you see them checking out this hot babe. Then they mention the word “heba”. That means that girl is attractive (in the mildest way of putting it)!

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