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Staying For Las Parrandes de Remedios

My name is Craig, a politician’s aide by profession, family man and father of two. I thought I was going to get away from a winter Christmas by going to Cuba’s warm relaxing beaches for this year, but instead found myself doing and enjoying something else entirely.

Pig Roasting In Cuba At New Year’s

One of the highlights of spending New Year’s at Cuba is the whole ritual of preparing roasted pig. This has been a longstanding tradition that spans centuries. Pig roasts are a time for rekindling ties with family members as they celebrate these special occasions. Cuban cuisine after all is not complete without roasting pigs during […]

To One and All…

I hope you all have a great Merry Christmas, Festive Festivus, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Eid, Cosy Kwanza, Splendid Winter Solstice, Cool Yule, Lucky Litha (southern hemisphere) and whatever else you care to celebrate this HAPPY HOLIDAY season.

Christmas In Cuba

The most joyous occasion in Cuba has got to be Christmas. It has proven to be such a colorful, festive and life-affirming religious celebration that no outsider should never pass up. As a country with predominantly Roman Catholic followers, Christmas has been a cherished holiday that even a dictator cannot stop.

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