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Say It The Habano Way 5

When someone suggests you BAILO CON LOS 5 LATINOS (bai-loh kon los sing-koh lah-tee-nos), she doesn’t mean you literally dance with five Latinos. She means you go choke your chicken, tickle your pickle, slapping your salami… Get my meaning?

Up In The Air: Skydiving In Veradero

One of the best places to see Cuba is to watch it 3000 meters from the sky. On a landing strip that used to be an old airport approximately 140 km east of Havana is the Centro Internacional de Paracaidismo. This is where tourists and daredevil habanas go skydiving.

Wild Goose Chase In Havana (Part 2)

It took us two days to come back looking for Jim. Yes, we had to sort things out with authorities the morning after and got ourselves cleaned up. But the people in the factory will now be in the lookout for us, and so we had to regroup and find a way to get to him through subtler means.

The Man From Nosara

He calls himself Franklyn de Nosara or just Frank. Nobody knows what real name is but who cares? He’s a unique character. He may look like a cool local (with a machete) but he admits he’s born and bred in Brooklyn. My friend Dave met him when he found himself walking the beaches of Nosara. Like most expats who have made Costa Rica their home, Frank was quite friendly and outgoing. He and Dave hit it off right away and had become good buddies.

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