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Lost in Havana (Conclusion)

My gracious host Abelardo wanted me to sell Cuban cigars in the United States. He promised to give me a big cut for my efforts. The offer was good except that I had never sold anything in my life before. Would I be able to dispose of the cigars easily?

9*Norte Rises This February!

The long wait is over! 9*Norte — the upcoming gentlemean’s bar in Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica — is just about ready to open!

Lost in Havana (Part 3)

My host Abelardo surprised me when he mentioned that he wanted to talk business. The last time I checked, I was a lost soul in Havana with no money, no friends and nothing to brag about. I wondered what he had in mind.

Lost in Havana (Part 2)

My encounter with Abelardo at the Hotel Habana Libre Tryp at Havana was pleasant. He knew a great deal about Cuban culinary delights and was gracious enough to treat me to lunch at the “El Barracon” restaurant.. So far, the closest thing I had to a gourmet meal was a serving of French fries and soda pop at McDonald’s. This guy changed my world by introducing me to Cuba’s mouth-watering national cuisine.

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