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Exploring The Amazons (Part One)

This time, I went on my own, in a river boat cruise to the Amazon. My first experiences in Peru had not deterred me from wanting to explore these strange waters. The first thing in my mind were the mythical piranha. It turns out they were not as terrifying as I thought they were. Different species of piranhas exist and it just so happens I scheduled my trip when the dangerous ones were not in season. And so the trip became a way to clear up a lot of the myths I knew about the Amazon and to discover the real beauty that inhabits within it.

The 411 on Scenic Arequipa

To those who haven’t gone to Peru, Arequipa is probably one of the highest cities of the world. Wikipedia says Arequipa lies in the Andes mountains, at an altitude of 2,335 meters (7,661 ft) above sea level; the former snow-capped volcano El Misti overlooks the city. That’s as high as Aspen, Colorado! It also manages to be the second largest city in Peru. And for me, it’s probably my most favorite.

Speak Like A True Jerga 2

Here’s another great example of the Peruvian’s habit of turning phrases backwards and rearranging them in ways only a native can understand. The Peruvian keepers of the law is called a TOMBO (tom-boh). One time during the Eighties, the police uniform had characteristically huge buttons on them. So the natives played on that: boton became tombo.

Robbed In Lima (Conclusion)

Despite its reputation, there are many expat Peru residents who have lived in Lima for many years and have never been accosted by thieves. It is all a matter of not putting yourself in a bad position. Stay with friends as much as possible, and do not flaunt around anything expensive or that would draw attention to yourself. These are things that you would do wherever you live if you knew you were passing by a bad neighborhood.

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