Robbed In Lima (Conclusion)

By BobbyRica | February 22, 2012


Despite its reputation, there are many expat Peru residents who have lived in Lima for many years and have never been accosted by thieves. It is all a matter of not putting yourself in a bad position. Stay with friends as much as possible, and do not flaunt around anything expensive or that would draw attention to yourself. These are things that you would do wherever you live if you knew you were passing by a bad neighborhood.


Unfortunately, it’s precisely this careless attitude that made the locals as vulnerable as us tourists this day. I was angry that the thieves had gone away before we could even stand up, and it took a few minutes for us to get our composure.

I noticed Billy was shaking badly and suddenly felt guilty for it. I had almost forgotten, that he was still a student, still very much young. This was pretty rough as far as your first experiences out of the country goes.

Now, I know some of you are going to say it’s better that he went through this early on then much later, but you would be wrong. A few minutes ago we all had feared for our lives. Based on his appearance, our attackers would not have suspected that he was that young. They might have even thought it fit to kidnap this foreigner they would have assumed to be very rich.


I will not bore you with details of what came later. I will assume you would know the drill; going to the police station, leaving descriptions, calling home, sleeping in early, that sort of thing.

All things considered, we are still pretty lucky. Adelmo lost money from all the stolen things he bought, and he was charitable enough to pay Billy and I back for what we lost plus a little extra. Adelmo is one of the beneficiaries of Peru’s recent economic rise, so in the bigger picture his pride was hurt more than his finances.

We still held out hope that we could get our valuables back, since the thieves took our passports and other personal effects along with our wallets. For the moment, I had to get new visas and papers processed with my embassy in Peru. Billy was already getting pleas from his mom to go home, but it was not clear if he would be able to do so immediately. For the moment, we were stuck at Lima.


So we made the most out of it, and that in itself really was not that bad. Trips to the museums, paragliding, night tours. This time, Adelmo took special care to make sure we would be safe and protected always, again at his expense. I do not know if I would accept a future invitation to a trip from him, but at least he has my respect.

Eventually, Billy’s vacation end and he has to leave. Although we weren’t able to push through with our Machu Picchu trail and he had a bad experience, I think he was quite happy at the end. Adelmo was friends with Billy’s family, so he promised that if the police ever got his things back, he would be able to send them back to Billy’s home in Stuttgart.


Fortunately for me, like Adelmo, I was not lacking for money. For all intents and purposes, Peru was going to be my domicile for the next few months. Looking for something interesting to do on my own, I found an ad for a short and dirty Amazon river trip.

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