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Robbed In Lima (Part One)

This happened before we even started on our trek to Macchu Picchu. The whole lot of us, Adelmo, Carlos, Jose and Billy, ended up feeling humiliated and angry. Our best laid plans were ruined, valuables and personal belongings gone. And yet, we got out of it with barely a scratch. Thank you, Peru, for not being fatally dangerous.

The Tale About The Peruvian Flag

When he awoke, flamingos were flying in the sky. Their wings caught the red orange light of the sunset. The sight may have mesmerized him so much that the flashes of red inspired him to include bands of crimson on what is now the national flag. Of course, this story is all hogwash.

Speak Like A True Jerga 1

Spanish may have been the main language in Peru (along with other indigenous languages). But that doesn’t mean that someone from Spain would easily understand what a Peruvian might say in conversation.

Welcome To Mystical Peru

Peru is where a major part of Amazon rain forests are. It has the highest tropical mountains in the entire world. It is skirted by a kilometers long stretches of desert coastline. It has a diverse range of race and culture. With a more diverse assortment of wildlife. Let’s not forget the great archaeological sites that continue to astound us. It also has the continent’s most adventurous cuisine that all foodies aspire to feast on. Peru is has all the right elements that will leave you in great awe. So for the next couple of months, we celebrate this wonderful country. I will take you for a ride BobbyRica style to explore and enjoy mystical Peru!

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