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Enjoying Cigars with Food and Drinks

America is now becoming a taste-conscious country. After decades of consuming unhealthy, sugar-filled and fatty convenience foods, many Americans are now more becoming more interested in gourmet recipes, the quality of ingredients, and subtle tastes. Indeed, this is very reminiscent of a similar trend during the 1990s, wherein the interest in cigars has been rekindled. The main similarity between these two is that people are now opting for quality over quantity.

9*N Is Ready To Be Your Cigar Haven.

9*N is set to open in a couple of days. We offer what the world has to offer with liquor and gourmet cigars. 9*Norte is located at Centro Comercial El Cortijo, Local 6 Los Laureles, Escazu, 10201 San José, Costa Rica. Visit our site and keep up with activites including cigar tasting sessions and cigar pairing lunches. You can also follow us in Twitter and Facebook.

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