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Iguana For Lunch

I love iguanas. My neighbor in Costa Rica has a whole lot of them. They may look scary but their bark is worse than their bite. I guess they have a bad rep. As a reptile prevalent in the Caribbean, the uninformed might easily think they’re nasty little predators. But they’re docile harmless creatures who just like to explore and watch us humans go on our daily business. AND they don’t eat humans unlike other lizards.

A Taste of Baleadas. A Taste of Honduras. (Part 2)

Honduras is a city of safety zones and boundaries. With common sense, you would know there are places and situations you should not get into (i.e., getting drunk in the residential streets at night), but it’s not like just walking out of your hotel immediately puts you in a danger zone. When you stick around long enough, you will hear the stories of the gang wars and get all the necessary warnings from the locals not soon before long.

A Taste of Baleadas. A Taste of Honduras. (Part 1)

I have always found it funny that a country with a notorious reputation would have a very unexotic foodscape. Now don’t get me wrong, the native cuisine is tasty and vibrant. But for the life of me, I couldn’t find anything, you know… different. Maybe I was looking on the wrong places. Because I really had to go out of my way to look for native Honduran food. What’s more annoying, there is a prevailing sense that the tourists are only looking for western food and completely ignorant of the dangers in the area.

Ready For Your Dream Job In Costa Rica?

The company who brought you the new gentleman’s cigar lounge 9*N Escazu is expanding! The Petit Mundo Group recently acquired La Casa del Habanos in Los Sueños Marina in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast. We plan to make the site the sister lounge and store of 9*N Escazu. And we need someone who can be on top of it.

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