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Here Comes The Bride

I never felt so much peace. I guess whatever it was that my soon-to-be ex-driver and chauffeur spiked on that coffee had left me sleeping like a baby. The confusion that was simmering inside my head somehow was placed at the backburners. I was left with a quiet buzz that was almost comforting. It was a deep peaceful slumber that you only notice the minute you wake up.

Something Happened On the Way To The Islands

After a brief respite in Costa Rica, I managed to snag round trip tickets to New Zealand. I was supposed to catch a ten hour flight to Auckland after hopping on a connecting charter plane to the capital of the Cook Islands. I was invited to an old friend’s wedding and I was looking forward to three weeks of misadventure-free relaxation. But as luck would have it, Fate has other plans.

The Thrill of Surfing at Ollie’s Point

Ollie’s Point is truly one of the most perfect surfing spots found by man. You will often see the words point break into a rivermouth describing it. The river mouth is the end part of the river that breaks into the sea, and point break refers to the waves themselves; going on for quite a distance and rising to favorable heights. This expression refers to how the waves rise just right because of how the waters flow in this particular beach.

The One Thing You Don’t Do In La Cantina Pavones

I wish I was told in the weeks leading to the trip; in the hours in the plane, in the few scant minutes that I had to settle down in the beaches of Costa Rica before starting to talk to the locals.

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