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More Reasons to Drink This Costa Rican Coffee

Coffee is the third largest export product of Costa Rica, with over 200,000 tons of the product exported every year. Scientists say that Costa Rican coffee contains a higher amount of caffeine than other crops elsewhere in the world.

The Perfect Union of Pork, Beans and Rice

The word chifrijo was coined by Miguel Angel Araya Cordero, the dish’s claimed creator. It was a combination of two words: “Chicarrones,” or fried pork rinds, and “frijoles,” which makes up the core of the dish.

Going To A Surfing Hotel

The easiest, most painless and fun way to surf in Costa Rica is to book in one of many surfing hotels. The hotels provide the whole package, from food and lodging, to surfing equipment, to surfing instructors, learning packages and month long surfing camps.

The Line-Up

There’s a culture. There are terms. There’s etiquette. For me, one of the hardest things to figure out was the line-up—most precisely—where to put myself in the line-up.

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