Here Comes The Bride (Conclusion)

By BobbyRica | July 18, 2012


The cool night air smelled of the sea while I lay on my back. The dark-skinned girl was gently kneading my shoulders and I grunted that she do a spot a little closer to my neck.

Eighteen hours ago, I was trapped in a boat’s cabin, bound and kidnapped by three women. One of them was my chauffeur, while one of them was a little person in lycra threatening to marry me. I was close to giving up when I heard the chopper approach the boat, signaling the arrival of the priest for the ceremony.


The cabin door opened and in came Cora with the quiet brunette.

“How are you, Bobby?” Cora kneeled in front of me.

“I have to pee,” I croaked. My most brilliant escape plan was to pretend that I needed a leak. But maybe she would fall for it and untie me. How I would be able to overpower all three of them after being tied for hours and while mildly dehydrated, I have no idea, but I might as well try to get out of that boat.

“You will in a bit” She gave me a little kiss in the cheek and whispered to my ear. “I’m gonna see the priest first and have you tux ready. I was just checking if you’re still okay, darling.” She stood up and both of them left, closing the door.

Damn. I needed to come up with a better plan.

From outside, sound of several gunshots came amidst some frantic screaming. It sounded like several more people boarded the ship, but none of the girls came back into the cabin. I was seriously forcing myself not to pee. When the commotion died down after a few minutes, the cabin door opened and another woman came in. This one was tall and olive-skinned, with cat-like eyes and full lips. She was wearing a police uniform, though not unflatteringly. She was followed by several other people who surveyed the cabin for other passengers.


The woman looked at me, dropped her gun, and helped me sit up properly.

“Welcome to Papeete,” she said with a heavy but charming accent while her companions helped remove the ropes that bound me.

Astounded by all this, I asked how they found out about me and where to look. The woman answered me in a rather nonchalant manner as if this has happened many times before, “We never thought someone kidnapped was onboard. We have spotted your yacht miles away and hailed you on radio. No one was answering back. As you may have not known, permission should be obtained for any cruise which takes a yacht more than 50 miles from Tahiti. As the main security in this area, we became suspicious when your boat was radio silent. We decided to check out your boat. The minute the three females outside saw us approaching, they immediately panicked for no reason. They had guns in their boat and suddenly opened fire. But we were able to subdue them.”

The police woman sighed as she finally untangled me from my ropes. “Now, mister…”


“Name’s BobbyRica, Miss…”

“I am Officer Annette Fareani. Now, would you like to tell me what brought you here in Tahiti and why these two women captured you?” Her hazel eyes looking at me intently.

I recounted what had happened to her as she used her cellphone to record my testimony. Hours later, I was in the Tahiti Immigrations office telling the same story. They were nonplussed by my story. The authorities told me when we reached the station, we were on the police watchlist for some time, because of several disruptions around the islands, to the point of causing the ports to close for nearly two days.

“Their latest was hijacking a helicopter and kidnapping a local priest a few days ago,” the chief of police explained. “She is very driven, that woman. We were able to intercept the missing chopper and rescue the priest. Her underling confessed the girl herself would show up today and brought a little puppy along.”

After a few legal arrangements I was too exhausted to pay attention to, I was free to go. As a form of consolation, they arranged for me to stay for a few days in their country before I ship out to New Zealand and back to the States.

As I wandered off around Papeete, completely astounded where my captors had taken me. I was still pleasantly surprised how the French Polynesia can be such a romantic place.

After wandering around the city, I head down to the nearest bar for a drink. I sure as hell needed one.


As I sat down the bench, I recognized someone over the other side of the bar. It was my olive-skinned rescuer, Annette! It must have been Fate. When she saw me, she laughed. Annette took her chilled mug of beer and approached me. She was no longer in uniform, of course. Though I wished she still was. She was wearing a flowy orange dress and she smelled of flowers. Her curly brown hair seemed to be floating. I was trying hard not to kiss her neck.

There were not a lot of people in the bar yet. I made an overseas call to my friend and told him I was delayed on my way to New Zealand. After the call, I went back to the bar and asked Annette if she likes to join me for dinner.

(The End)

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