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To Smoke Or Not To Smoke In Costa Rica

Costa Rica was actually the first to enact antismoking laws in Latin America, banning smoking in the workplaces in the ’80s, but now it lags far behind all its neighbors, such as Uruguay, Honduras and Guatemala. Each attempt at legislation has been stifled every step of the way by tobacco companies, senators, even health ministry officials and doctors.

Here Comes The Bride (Conclusion)

Eighteen hours ago, I was trapped in a boat’s cabin, bound and kidnapped by three women. One of them was my chauffeur, while one of them was a little person in lycra threatening to marry me. I was close to giving up when I heard the chopper approach the boat, signaling the arrival of the priest for the ceremony.

Gauguin and Tahiti

Hereiti gave me the sweetest goodbye the night before I left. The entire night before. Leaving felt bittersweet, but as usual, it was the woman who seemed stronger and ready for what was to happen next. We shared emails although we both knew it was highly unlikely anything was going to happen between us again.

Here Comes The Bride (Part 2)

Philippa, my lovely and talented ex-chauffeur, and that other girl dragged me into the cabin to wait until the priest arrived. Unlike the blonde and slim Philippa, the other girl was a few inches shorter, with a curvier build under her cut-off shorts and loose, white shirt. Her dark hair was short, almost in a boy’s cut, some stands brushing against slightly-freckled cheeks. She hardly spoke a word while I was awake.

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