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Leatherback Season (part 2)

Roberto invited me to stick around after the kids were done with their practical theses for a little bit of fun. “There’ll still be nubile young women, but they won’t be my students anymore, so I won’t stop you”, he guffawed.

Leatherback Season

The call came from an old classmate, who had now become an active conservationist. It’s leatherback season in Tortuguero National Park, and as much as the tourism angle has helped highlight attention and garner support for the turtles, poachers remain a huge problem. And so I’m here, not to enjoy myself, but to help out.

One Of The Best Things In Costa Rica

A glorious sight by the end of the day at the Tamarindo Beach in Guanacaste. And it’s totally free.

Surf Lingo

As they say, surfing is more than just a sport. It’s a lifestyle. And this lifestyle comes with its own language/terms. When you’re beginning surfing, it pays to know what certain things mean for you to not get confused, and let’s put it honestly, for one to not appear to be such a newbie, or worse—a poser.

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