The Dance Scene In Costa Rica

By BobbyRica | August 9, 2012


Costa Rica music is dance music. Costa Rican nightclubs are dance clubs. That is a great thing if you are a tourist or a foreigner entering Costa Rica. If you want to fit in, pick up a girl, or just have fun in Costa Rica, you learn to dance. And you can do no wrong starting with salsa.

Now yes, the Caribbean is usually what springs up in people’s minds when they think of salsa. And Costa Rica has clubs for all kinds of dance music. But salsa in Costa Rica is ubiquitous. Its a necessity to know salsa if you wanted to go around the best clubs in Costa Rica. Maybe in your home town your local bar or pub will let you sing lousy karaoke or have a live band and leave it at that, but that is not the case in Costa Rica. To have fun, you have to immerse, dance what the Costa Ricans dance.


And yes, salsa classes are common and easy to get into. The adolescents and teenagers get lessons from the young adults. Many classes have also been made particularly to take advantage of the burgeoning tourist trade, and if you are a single dancer looking for a partner, you may not even have to wait at the clubs to get one.

I did some salsa as a kid, which is to say I needed to go to classes all over again because I forgot everything. I found a class that met daily not too far from my hotel room. The drawback being that I was learning with a bunch of kids who came in to class straight after their regular school classes.


Or should I even be calling it a drawback? I was lucky enough to be paired with a cute little minx as a partner, even as she was too young for me. The teacher was more my speed, but really, there was no need to make trouble with a married woman either. I would trace my steps and relearn how to shake those hips to get my peacock on when I made my great comeback on the dance floor.

Stefani had a lovely smile, a lithe body, the smoothness of a snake, and twice my stamina. She was the one who had to be patient with me, panting and taking constant breaks and mini breaks to wipe off my constant sweating. I would have been embarrassed, but she took it all in stride. Part of me was worried she might be laughing at me behind my back, but her hands held mine tightly and she would kiss me eagerly at the cheek at the end of each class. She was a darling girl, and I would be lucky to find a high quality woman like her at the clubs. If only I were that lucky.


The week came and went, and Stefani offered to show me around with her boyfriend, who was familiar with the ins and outs of the city. I politely declined, pointing out I had been shown around when I was a kid and they weren’t even born yet.

Having said my goodbyes to my teacher and my friendly classmates, I prepared for my first night out in the wild. The real test.

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