Odd Coincidences.

By BobbyRica | August 10, 2012


The next morning was not encumbered with awkwardness, but the following hours would be.

It was clear to me that Eva — as much as she liked me as a person — was just on booty call. It was highly doubtful that anything would come out of it. No anger, no expectations, at least as far as I saw. She adored me, and at the same time, seemed like she would be fine if I left then and there.


I was not in a rush to leave, mainly because I had nothing else to do. It was a lovely Sunday, and I just felt like hanging out with her a little longer. Why the hell not? She had some money, I could get a sweet little guide to tour me around the more upscale parts of San Jose. It was even harder to leave when I saw her motioning to me to come closer, next to a freshly delivered sushi platter. Yep, first thing in the morning.

We went down the hotel for the buffet anyway, and a few hours later, she drove me over downtown so I could accompany her shopping. I really did not mind it, she was the sort of person you would feel comfortable going anywhere with.

A weird feeling of familiarity was starting to come over me on the road. I started to notice Eva’s amiability and charming ways. The way she carried herself around was coquettish, but also very childish at times. Of course, I was very attracted to her, but I was starting to connect that attraction to this feeling that I had experienced a lot of the same things before.


Had I been out with this girl before? Did we meet somewhere else? Was she someone else’s fling? But I thought I would remember if I would have gotten intimate with someone, even if I did not have a name to go with it. There are certain things you remember when you do things like that.

And then, I noticed something strange about the things in her car. And her clothes. Like they seemed to be kind of clothes someone else I knew would wear. It all felt very strange. Have I met this person before or not?

In between stores, we stopped at a gas station. Eva had me wait in the car while she went out to freshen up and take a call. It was then that I let curiosity take the best of me, and I started looking around the car’s interiors. And I made the mistake of opening the glove compartment.


Right then and there, it hit me square in the face. A set of family pictures, with a face I recognized instantly. Who would have guessed that Eva (and Evita, of course) and Stefani would be cousins? I guess San Jose is a small city after all.

Hours later, I found myself reintroduced to Eva’s family, and Stefani, as Eva’s current ‘fling.’ Stefani was first dumbfounded, and then burst out laughing, as I spent another night with Eva. Less intimate, but in some ways closer, and Stefani and I got to work on our footwork a few hours more.

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