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One More Dance

The salsa in Costa Rica, it’s Cuban style dancing. Or to be more accurate, it more closely resemble Cuban style as it would be taught in a school in the US. In truth, like jazz, martial arts, and sushi, salsa develops into all these different forms in all the countries it enters and takes root. Each salsa is defined by each country, and each one of them is the ‘best’ salsa.

Salsa Adventure in Costa Rica

I have known Johnny (not his real name), as I fondly call him, since they moved to Miami, Florida when we were 10 year olds. We are neighbors and have attended the same grade school and high school. Their family is from San Jose, Costa Rica. Our parents easily became friends, with my mom becoming the godparent of Johnny’s only sister and sibling, Bianca.

Odd Coincidences.

It was clear to me that Eva — as much as she liked me as a person — was just on booty call. It was highly doubtful that anything would come out of it. No anger, no expectations, at least as far as I saw. She adored me, and at the same time, seemed like she would be fine if I left then and there.

The Dance Scene In Costa Rica

Costa Rica music is dance music. Costa Rican nightclubs are dance clubs. That is a great thing if you are a tourist or a foreigner entering Costa Rica. If you want to fit in, pick up a girl, or just have fun in Costa Rica, you learn to dance. And you can do no wrong starting with salsa.

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