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Out For The Night.

Costa Rica has a little quirk in how its used English words for colloquialisms. Clubs are what they call typical dance clubs, and nightclubs are what they call strip clubs. My friends had found themselves wondering if the Costa Ricans were ostensibly more liberal than they appeared, but for them, it was just some misunderstandings. I was looking for a fun night myself, but not that much fun.

For A World Class Tican Cuisine

When it comes to cuisine, the Costa Ricans are indeed stepping up – they are planning to launch a national plan of healthy, sustainable, and unique Costa Rican cuisine. This idea is a joint effort by the theInstitutoCostarricense de Turismo, the Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad, the Cámara Costarricense de Restaurantes y Afines, and the Club de la Gastronomía Epicúrea.

Running The Marathon Tico-Style.

Considering my prior experiences, I was surprised to be hearing from my doctor how eating all this deep fried Costa Rican food could actually be good for my health. And yet here we were, eating all the gallo pinto our hearts can take in the streets of San Jose, and I was being told about nonagenarians strong enough to get their own firewood and do their grueling routines out in the wilderness.

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