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BobbyRica Angel Dieciocho: Kathryn Arbenz

This week’s Bobby Rica Angel is the gorgeous Kathryn Arbenz. Born in San Jose, Costa Rica March 26 (sorry guys, her age is a secret!), and raised at Ciudad Cariari, she’s as Latina as they come. Kathryn’s has extensive modeling and acting experience in Mexico and her native Costa Rica. At 15, she was accepted into the AXE Modeling Agency and got her start in a mayonnaise commercial.

It’ll Be The Start Of Fun New Adventures In Costa Rica

A new batch of fun-loving adventures in real time! Watch out for it soon!

A Strange New Beach (Conclusion)

Everything was not back to normal. As I rose, I realized this was not the lodge we had reserved, but a very well kept Spanish colonial house. From the window, I could see across the veranda a bustling of activity. It wasn’t long before I realized I was not in my own time, or at least appeared to be so.

Happy Independence Day, Costa Rica!

Saturday marks another milestone in tican history. As someone who’s been adopted by this country in such a warm and welcoming way, I look back at a time when an ambitious but restless young man had stumbled into this country and with all certainty, found his one true home. Despite its failings, Costa Rica remains to be my own haven in all sense of the word and I continue to help support it as any way I can.

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