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A Strange New Beach (Part One)

While musing on the lives of famous, larger than life people, I found my mood being elevated and excited. As I darted in and out of the water for short peeks in the water, watching leatherbacks from afar, I started imagining how exciting it would have been to live in those times. Two centuries ago, there was a small place on earth that was trying to make their way after colonization. Left to their own devices, they were to start making a city state on their own, and they were to do so in a way that would benefit everyone.

Leatherback Season (conclusion)

I could barely imagine her being the same beast last night, and now, this morning, so vulnerable opening up to me to every little thing that gave her pain and sadness. But I guess, she wasn’t really suffering as much as she was resigned to living this way. She talks this way to all the men, she tells me straightforwardly, and with that even more sardonic sweet smile.

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