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This is how I rocked.

Last May, they suddenly reached out to me, asking if I can front for their band. Not just for an impromptu session, mind you. But to help them open for a concert in Cologne. It’s just a one time deal.

This is how I spent my weekend.

Which to my surprise were girls who were in their Twenties and Thirties. I tried to chat a few of them, but I guess hiking is the worst place to charm girls.

Capturing tradition with a croc.

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Costa Rica can be an eventful time for all ticans. Even for the man-eating crocodiles who live in nearby rivers and lakes. There are processions and Church-oriented activities taking place. But on Good Friday, the men from Ortega de Santa Cruz from the province of Guanacaste pull something that might fascinate or irk you, depending how you look at it.

What’s waiting for us at the Croc Bridge.

They sit on certain spots on the dirty water and wait to be fed. One can also find exotic birds, iguanas and an occasional cow who braved the edge of the river to drink. So far, no cows had been eaten.

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