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This is how I spent my weekend.

Spent most of my free time during the weekends hangin’. If hangin’ meant flying on a small plane above Escazu, then jumping 1500 meters down with a parachute on my back (of course). As I hurtle at roughly 150mph, I imagine myself an eagle in mid-flight. Though there’s hardly any sense of peace, I am drunk with exhilaration.

My deep dark secret revealed!

Within that tough pretty-boy exterior is a gentle crooner wanting to express himself. And after years of suppressing my singing talent, I finally let it out, and boy, did that part of me make full use of it. I cut a record deal with this small time record producer from Tampa. He came up with a concept which at that time appealed to me. I wanted to have this World Music vibe and he gave me something that I thought would sell.

Meeting a Great White shark.

Sometimes when push comes to shove, you got to know when to hit back. Even when you know you’re way over your head. In this case, it’s the Great White who has been snatching the the swordfish and tuna we’ve been trying to catch. Though we were in his territory, we knew that we won’t have a moment of peace with this guy.

There’s a monkey on my motorcycle!

This is a common sight in the country. Despite Costa Rica being a well-developed country, certain areas are still untouched by wild jungle.

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