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How Heidi became my dog in Costa Rica.

As I drove Heidi back to my home in San Diego, I didn’t feel sad for leaving my Dad behind. My Dad is with a loved one (and a firecracker at that) who will take care of him. Knowing my Aunt J, she’s one woman who knows how to liven up a household. I can always visit them every weekend. But I was more worried about the pup that now lay sleeping beside me. What shall I ever do with this dog?

Here’s how Heidi became my dog.

Heidi is a twelve year old German shepherd who became my house companion in Costa Rica. As a pup, I initially meant to give her to my Dad upon my mother’s passing. I had hoped Heidi would keep my father company when I was away.

We end the holiday season at Fiestas de Palmares.

This is celebrated in the first two weeks of January in Palmares de Alajuela. Concerts with music, rodeos (even bullfighting) and firework displays are held. There is also a fairground and sporting competitions.

I woke up to a morning sweet treat.

I started the morning with a surprise waiting for me during breakfast. An old female friend who has her own dairy farm in Mexico sent me a care package that included something I have missed for years.

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