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Poor doggy. Spread The Word

BobbyRica Angel Dos: Sofia Vergara

Here’s one babe who has proven to be one of BobbyRica’s most endearing crushes. He may need to stand in line because everyone seems to want Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara. Born July 10, 1972, this Columbian stunner is actually a natural blonde, but decided being a brunette to make her look more Latina. A decision that later led her further success. Discovered by a photographer in a Columbian beach, her first major appearance was in a Pepsi commercial at the tender age of seventeen.

Frolicking In The Snow Five Months Early.

Going out for an adventure doesn’t always mean you have to go the beach. It may mean thousands of feet above sea level, negotiating your way through the snow.

Sometimes Being Dirty Is Good.

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