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And Then I Come Across This.

This was in an amusement park in China. I don’t if I should feel offended or weirded out. Spread The Word

BobbyRica Angel Tres: Kenia Rodriguez

Miss Universe Honduras Kenia Rodriguez is a beauty worth mentioning. As I travel to Honduras in a couple of days, it’s a welcoming thought that Honduras is abound with female beauty. Kenia may well be one great representative. Touted as one of Esquire’s Sexiest Women Alive, this 24 year old was born in Tela and stands 175cm / 5’9″. She may have not been a finalist in Miss Universe. But judging by her photos, she looks like a winner and a worthy BobbyRica Angel in this blistering start of April!

Random Bikini Girl Of The Day.

Don’t look behind you. A kangaroo might be coming in for the kill.