The Healing Powers of HEMP

By BobbyRica | January 26, 2019

CBDBiocare really explains it well.


What to look for when you buy CBD oil

 January 26, 2019

It can be very confusing, so this article is designed to help you know what to look for when you buy CBD oil. First of all, when you are shopping for CBD oil you want to know the difference between the cannabis oils available online. Next, we will also explain why there is confusion and how to make the best choice for the results you are seeking.


In order to understand the different oils you must first understand the different types of cannabis they are extracted from. First of all, cannabis with high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is called marijuana. THC is the molecule that will make you “high”. Oil from this plant is often called cannabis or marijuana oil and it is illegal in most states. Some states have legalized its use but users need to follow the states laws in order to obtain it. Secondly, the cannabis plant that is grown to have high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and low levels of THC, below .3% is called hemp. Oils extracted from hemp are often called hemp oil or CBD oil. Oil extracted from the hemp seeds, normally called hemp seed oil, does not contain CBD or THC but it does contain Omega Fatty Acids and other nutritious ingredients. But you have to be careful because some retailers are selling the seed oil as hemp oil which can be confusing. Is it hemp seed oil or hemp oil? This is why you have to not only read the label but understand what the label is telling you.


CBD Oil 750mg

For our purposes we are going to explain how to buy CBD oil because consumers are being misled or they do not understand the difference before they buy and then they are often unhappy with the results. Why are they unhappy? Were they looking for CBD and they bought a product that was labeled hemp oil and it was really hemp seed oil? If they were hoping for pain relief it is simply not going to happen with hemp seed oil. But the retailer can call it whatever they want, so this is why it is so important to know what you are buying. What the retailer can not mess with are the ingredients. But as you may be finding out, reading the ingredient list can be tricky. By law it has to state what is in the bottle. But this too is somewhat of a grey area.


This is our 750mg CBD oil ingredient list. You may think it would read, CBD or cannabidiol, but that is not the whole story. It has 30 mg of phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, (PCR). This means it has 30 mg of high CBD hemp oil per serving that is extracted from the whole plant and it contains all cannabinoids within that plant. Of that 30 mg of full spectrum oil, 25% is pure CBD. This is the best case scenario because you have all of the cannabinoids working together. If you have an oil with 99% CBD isolate it would be less effective.  In addition, we mix our full spectrum CBD oils with hemp seed oil because we believe it is important to have 100% of our oil come from the hemp plant. In addition, the omega fatty acids in the hemp seed help with the absorption of cannabinoids in your system.

Here is another example from another company, on its label you can see it contains 23 mg of hemp extract but they do not tell you how much of that is CBD. We will discuss what the CO2 means later. Secondly, make sure you know where your  hemp oil is extracted. Here this states aerial parts. We are assuming this is full spectrum because it is being extracted from the aerial or “all” parts of the plant. The richest extraction comes from the leaves and the flowers and only to a very minor extent the stalk. As for the seeds, there is no CBD, unless there is residual residue present. This is a common misconception, many people make claims that they are extracting CBD from the seeds and this is simply false.

Most hemp oils are mixed with another product such as hemp seed oil, coconut oil or even olive oil as seen here on the competitor’s label. All are safe to consume. You want to have a healthy fat as a mixer because it helps with the absorption of the cannabinoids.


There are several methods used to extract CBD rich oil. Some methods are better than others and may leave unsafe residues behind. Here are a few of the most common.

Ethanol: To perform this method of extraction, the plant must be soaked in a high grade grain alcohol, such as ethanol. In short, it is then heated and the alcohol evaporates. This method is used to create oil appropriate for vape pen cartridges and other products. But this extraction method destroys the plant waxes, which may have health benefits.

Olive oil. Extra virgin or otherwise, olive oil can also be used to extract cannabis oil. This method is considered both safe and inexpensive, however it is perishable and should be stored in a cool, dark place. The negative with this method is that it can not be concentrated. So although it does contain CBD you would have to consume large quantities to receive the medicinal benefits.

CO2 extraction: The supercritical (or subcritical) CO2 method is more advanced and requires more skill and more expensive equipment than most methods. It uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to isolate, preserve, and maintain the purity of the oil.  The temperature and pressure in the chambers used causes the COcannabinoid solution to react and separate. As the cannabinoids separate, they are collected in different chambers. This method allows an extractor to separate the cannabinoids and ultimately introduce only those desired. This is how THC is removed. It is considered safe, potent, and free of chlorophyll. This is the extraction method used by CBD BioCare.


There is also a product called CBD isolate and this is CBD that is isolated from the plant and it does not contain any other cannabinoid from the hemp plant. It looks like a fine white powder. It is not synthetic or lab made, it is an all natural product. It normally has a purity level of 99% and is the most potent CBD product available if you are just looking for CBD. It can be added to an oil and sold as a CBD oil. However, many experts suggest CBD on its own does not provide the same medicinal properties many are seeking unless the other cannabinoids from the plant are also present. To consume, users can add it to food, beverages or even a full spectrum hemp CBD oil to increase the CBD concentration. Some people also bake with it or infuse it into other oils such as coconut or olive oil. It can also be consumed through vaping.

Now that you have a better idea about how CBD oils are made you can now make a more educated decision before purchasing. For best practices and the most potent CBD oil available discover our products at

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