Costa Rica customs and traditions

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How I spend New Year’s in Costa Rica.

All I could do was grin at her as I still moved with some pain, but in my heart I was happy. She eventually came back for me with that sweet enchanting smile on her face.

Here’s what ticans cook for Christmas.

A time honored tradition in Costa Rica during Christmas is making tamales. Tican cooks showed us how to make tamales. It is served with coffee with the meal.

Season’s Greetings From The Bobby Rica Family!

We here at Costa Rica would like to greet everyone a great Merry Christmas, Festive Festivus, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Eid, Cosy Kwanza, Splendid Winter Solstice, Cool Yule, Lucky Litha, and whatever else you care to celebrate this holiday season.

Bullfighting during Christmas.

This Christmas I am spending my day in the hospital, thankfully with Stefani and her family by my side. I had to rescue her again, and this time she got a real scolding from her parents for her death wish.

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