Costa Rican babes in bikinis

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BobbyRica Angel Siete: Vanessa Vargas

We have someone special here in BobbyRica Angel and her name is Vanessa Vargas. As an accomplished calendar model, tv talent and sportswoman, Vanessa is everything you’d ever want in a woman. She also happens to be a new addition to the Petit Mundo Group family as one of our key people in 9*N Escazu! Born on July 20, 1989 at Puntarenas, Costa Rica, this charismatic green-eyed beauty attended Escuela Líder Central de Jaco. Ever athletic, Vanessa stays fit and maintains her hourglass figure with intensive sports like boxing and tae kwon doh. Sorry guys, but this beauty is already called for. She is happily married to Sydney Ferreira Machado. We are proud to have you in our fold, Vanessa! Pura Vida!

Leatherback Season (conclusion)

I could barely imagine her being the same beast last night, and now, this morning, so vulnerable opening up to me to every little thing that gave her pain and sadness. But I guess, she wasn’t really suffering as much as she was resigned to living this way. She talks this way to all the men, she tells me straightforwardly, and with that even more sardonic sweet smile.

Surf Lingo

As they say, surfing is more than just a sport. It’s a lifestyle. And this lifestyle comes with its own language/terms. When you’re beginning surfing, it pays to know what certain things mean for you to not get confused, and let’s put it honestly, for one to not appear to be such a newbie, or worse—a poser.

Top Surf Spots In Costa Rica: Playa Avellanas

One of the beautiful beaches in Costa Rica is Play Avellanas. It is on the south of Tamarindo in Guanacaste. Avellandas doesn’t have a village and yet there are some hotels and cabinas. I recommend that you walk around the area first before you decide which establishment to lay your hat.

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