Cuba customs and tradition

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Farewell To Cuba

As I leave Cuba, I depart with a sad heart. Cuba is like traveling in time and sidestepping to an alternate reality. You go to a place where everything seemed to have stopped and magically went another direction. That’s what drew me initially. Cuba, like most old cities, remains a vibrant place brimming with character, history and mystery.

Lost in Havana (Conclusion)

My gracious host Abelardo wanted me to sell Cuban cigars in the United States. He promised to give me a big cut for my efforts. The offer was good except that I had never sold anything in my life before. Would I be able to dispose of the cigars easily?

Lost in Havana (Part 3)

My host Abelardo surprised me when he mentioned that he wanted to talk business. The last time I checked, I was a lost soul in Havana with no money, no friends and nothing to brag about. I wondered what he had in mind.

Lost in Havana (Part 2)

My encounter with Abelardo at the Hotel Habana Libre Tryp at Havana was pleasant. He knew a great deal about Cuban culinary delights and was gracious enough to treat me to lunch at the “El Barracon” restaurant.. So far, the closest thing I had to a gourmet meal was a serving of French fries and soda pop at McDonald’s. This guy changed my world by introducing me to Cuba’s mouth-watering national cuisine.

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