Cuba customs and tradition

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Say It The Habano Way 9

If you walk the beach of Varadero and see a former lover you’ve cheated on, don’t be surprised if you see a pair of CHANCLETAS (tsan-kleh-tas) flying your direction.

The Sex Tourism in Cuba

Sex tourism in Cuba remains a gritty reality, and has been the subject of much speculation through the years, but is not really as dire a situation as is commonly presumed and is commonly misunderstood. Being a jinetera (slang for sex worker) is not so much a source of livelihood as it is a lifestyle.

Lost in Havana (Part One)

While searching for seashells to complete my collection, I was caught up in a storm that strangely brought me to Cuba. Being an expert in 42 languages – 41 of which I invented – I was hoping to blend in with the natives and find my way around town. Unfortunately, Spanish is the official language here and I sucked at that!

A Reason To Visit Cuba 3

sla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth) is probably the best diving spot you could ever find in the Caribbean. Its verdant sea life is sustained by the life giving currents of the Gulf of Mexico. Isla de la Juventud is home to a remarkable array of diverse coral and marine sea life.

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