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Costa Rica by way of Cape Town.

It’s great to be a little irresponsible like that, to work only when I felt like it. I felt like a hobo, albeit one with a substantially tidy sum that kept me comfortable when I didn’t feel like doing anything.

A slight delay.

Agnieska and Dennis had told me that the wreck site hasn’t been fully explored. And one can expect sharks there. I was getting more and more excited at the prospect of diving there.

To find an undiscovered shipwreck.

Agnieska is the name of the Afrikaaner woman who I met in Costa Rica. It turns out she belonged to a group of commercial divers searchin for undocumented shipwrecks in and around Africa. She had been in Costa Rica on vacation when she met me.

Visiting South Africa for their ship wrecks.

Things have a way of working out, as they say. An Akrikaaner (a native of South Africa) babe who I met last year in Costa Rica had told me that unlike the serene waters of Costa Rica, the sea of South Africa was a different creature altogether.

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