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The Long Stretch of Beach in Trujillo

If you want a more idyll (meaning less rough and more developed) area in Honduras, then Trujillo is the best beach, baby. Trujillo (pronounced troo-hee-yoh) is one of the oldest settlements in Honduras. Steeped in history since the 1500’s, it is both a city and a municipality on the northern Caribbean coast. On a bluff overlooking the Bay of Trujillo is where the city is nestled (elevation 4000 feet), providing perfect opportunities for sightseeing.

The Fishing Village of Omoa

Another beach destination in Honduras is Omoa. It is a sleepy fishing village on the far west of the Caribbean coastline. It was built around a small bay 13 kilometers off Puerto Cortés. Omoa is easily accessible and offers a lot to travellers.

The Glory of Guanaja

Honduras has so many things to offer for the world traveler. But one of the reasons I was compelled to go here was to see how amazing its beaches were. As someone who’s used to the water, the coastline of Honduras beckons me and wants me to stay. After all, the country has two coastlines, a small Pacific coastline, and a much larger Caribbean coastline in the north of the country. And by the looks of it, the best beaches can be found on the Caribbean coast. Most especially located on the Bay Islands.

Iguana For Lunch

I love iguanas. My neighbor in Costa Rica has a whole lot of them. They may look scary but their bark is worse than their bite. I guess they have a bad rep. As a reptile prevalent in the Caribbean, the uninformed might easily think they’re nasty little predators. But they’re docile harmless creatures who just like to explore and watch us humans go on our daily business. AND they don’t eat humans unlike other lizards.

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