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BobbyRica Angel Seiz: Jessica Burciaga

Jessica Irene Burciaga was born on April 11, 1983 in Santa Fe Springs, California. She is of Mexican and French/Irish descent. Following graduation from high school, she worked small parts in TV shows and music videos. She then went to junior college in Huntington Beach, California and studied sports broadcasting. Jessica worked as a Hooters waitress in Anaheim.

I woke up to a morning sweet treat.

I started the morning with a surprise waiting for me during breakfast. An old female friend who has her own dairy farm in Mexico sent me a care package that included something I have missed for years.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

BobbyRica wishes our Mexican brothers and sisters a Happy Cinco de Mayo! Even though today isn’t technically an American holiday, nothing beats commemorating freedom from oppressors than during Cinco de Mayo. More so in light of the recent death of Osama Bin Laden.

Amateur Bullfighting In Mexico

Bullfighting used to be a popular sport that was introduced by the Spanish conquistadores. So popular it is that cities and towns had erected bullrings and even makeshift arenas to accommodate the sport. Through the years, however — and understandably at that, bullfighting is on the decline as more modern games like soccer has become […]

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