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How To Avoid Traveler’s Diarrhea

One of the more common mishaps in traveling in Mexico is when you get afflicted by turista or traveler’s diarrhea. It is usually caused when one drinks contaminated water or contaminated fruit or vegetables. If you want to avoid spending your vacation in solitary confinement to a Mexican toilet, follow these simple rules: 1. Stay […]

BMX Dirt Jumping in Guadalajara

The fourth Red Bull Elevation – one of the worlds most acclaimed and anticipated BMX dirt events – traveled south this year to Guadalajara, Mexico. Check out highlights from Cam White, Nyquist, Bohan and the rest of the guys. Check it out!

A Hearty Mexican Brunch

The first time I was served this, I couldn’t believe my eyes. But my friends dared me as they slowly slurped on the insects like some rare delicacy. It took me three days before I finally gave in and ate portions of crickets (Chapulines), worms (gusanos de mamey) and larvae of ants (escamoles). I didn’t […]

The Beauty of Selma Is The Beauty of Mexico

That sounded cheesy…but she really does exemplify the NATURAL BEAUTY of Mexican women.

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