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Braving Boca Brava (Part 5)

By now we were all in a state of shock. The appearance of the strange creature at Boca Brava caught us off guard. Its ugliness was the stuff of nightmares and we weren’t prepared for this horrible encounter. We had gone there to make a movie and never in our wildest dreams did we expect to find hell itself as personified by this insane abomination. It was as if the creature suddenly materialized from the pages of an H.P. Lovecraft novel. But there was one difference: Lovecraft wrote weird fiction; this monster was real – all too real – and its appearance sent us into a maelstrom of unparalleled fear and frenzy.

Braving Boca Brava (part 4)

The blond Hollywood celebrity was beside herself trembling while the ground begun to shake. As tough as she wanted people to see her, she can be so fragile. A fine mist fell inexplicably over the entire resort as the smell of saltwater entered my nostrils. This would naturally calm me, but given the circumstances, it only made me want to rush my companions to safety. I felt a presence in the beach and somehow, it was biding its time.

Braving Boca Brava (part 3)

“What fresh hell did you put us all in?” screamed hot shot director Wally as he paced back and forth on the lobby. “We look like we’re in an episode of Lost.” His hands fidgeted like he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Something is seriously wrong with this guy. Wally was a ticking time bomb and I don’t want to be here when this moron detonates.

Braving Boca Brava (part 2)

I had finally shepherded the film production crew who had hired me for a trip to Panama. One more boat ride and we would have reached our island destination: Boca Brava. After a few minutes negotiating with captains of speed boats in Boca Chica in Chiriqui, I finally made the connection to the island. Two aluminum catamarans were to carry us to Paradise Hotel — the only available accommodations in the Conservation Park.

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