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BobbyRica Angel Uno: Anahi Gonzales Daly

Our second BobbyRica angel is celebrated beauty and sex symbol from Peru: Anahi. Born on August 15, 1978, she’s well known in her native country as a top model gracing various print/tv commercials and magazine covers. Green-eyed brown-haired Ha-Ha, as she’s fondly called, stands 5’8″ with shapely measurements of 34″ (breast size), 24″ (waist) and 35″ (hips). Anahi was discovered in a beach in Mexico and has since been signed with Elite Model Management in the States. She’s based in Lima, Peru.

Braving Cuy.

I was five hours away from coming back to the States when my friend Rodrigo innocently told me that I have one more IMPORTANT thing to do. I knew instantly what he was talking about. It had been something I had been putting off for the past two months while here in Peru. I’ve walked its sandy terrains of the desert.

Quenching Your Peruvian Thirst.

While exploring Peru, you suddenly feel parched – your throat needs a refreshing, delicious drink! So what will you get? Fortunately for you, there are many great choices of drinks in Peru. It’s not just the wine, beer, and other cocktails. There are also interesting sodas and tasty Peruvian beverages you can enjoy.

BobbyRica Angel Quatro: Sofía Mulánovich

This week’s BobbyRica Angel makes Peruvians brim with pride. This cute spunky girl may look ordinary. But once you see her surf, you’d think she’s a goddess! Now, that observation may not be far from the truth considering she’s one of the youngest and most honored female surfers in history.

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