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Dining On Alpaca

I have never been a picky eater. Though I usually stick to the basics: meat, fish, chicken, and greens, I often dream of sitting down on a plateful of critters and crawlers. After eagerly devouring barbecued armadillo as a kid one fateful Sunday, I knew I was an adventurous gourmand waiting for the next challenge. My Andrew Zimmernian taste buds may be complex and hardy, but sometimes I get to stuff my face with something that’s close to heaven.

Getting Drunk in Peru: Great Must-Try Beverages

Are you travelling to Peru? Here’s a great thing about this country, if you love to drink and have a good time: you have many selection of beverages to satiate your thirst. Peru offers a wide array of beer, cocktails, and wines that many travellers surely enjoy.

Speak Like A True Jerga 5

Isn’t it funny that the Peruvians has so much disdain for most imported Western fast food that they have a disparaging nickname for the McDonalds burger. They call it RATAMBURGUESA (rah-tam-boor-ges-sah) It literally means rat burger. Go figure.

Peru Food Week Begins!

Discover food the other side of the world eats. When funky-looking potatoes, guinea pig, raw fish and certain beasts of burden are put on your plate, you know you’re in for a wild ride eating through the odd culinary landscape that is Peru! Celebrate with us as food week in Peru begins in Bobbyrica!

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