south africa

Heading back to Costa Rica.

We made our way to the airport and managed to get discounted tickets back without incident. What followed was a tense three hours just in the airport, as we got Stefani on the phone with her parents, and had lunch. I did not have a minute of peace in this time, constantly searching the crowd for people who could be following us.

Watch Stefani run.

When I said I ran into Stefani, I literally almost hit her in the road. For a few tense moments, her face shifted from alarm, confusion, recognition, and a sudden determination. She shuffled her feet into the car and shouted at me “¡Déle! ¡Déle!”

Costa Rica by way of Cape Town.

It’s great to be a little irresponsible like that, to work only when I felt like it. I felt like a hobo, albeit one with a substantially tidy sum that kept me comfortable when I didn’t feel like doing anything.

This is what I ate in Cape Town.

You wouldn’t believe the kinds of steaks you can have in South Africa. This delicious piece of highly lean meat is actually springbok — a member of the antelope family that live in southern Africa.