Here Comes The Bride (Conclusion)

Eighteen hours ago, I was trapped in a boat’s cabin, bound and kidnapped by three women. One of them was my chauffeur, while one of them was a little person in lycra threatening to marry me. I was close to giving up when I heard the chopper approach the boat, signaling the arrival of the priest for the ceremony.

Gauguin and Tahiti

Hereiti gave me the sweetest goodbye the night before I left. The entire night before. Leaving felt bittersweet, but as usual, it was the woman who seemed stronger and ready for what was to happen next. We shared emails although we both knew it was highly unlikely anything was going to happen between us again.

Getting Drunk in Tahiti

If you’re headed to French Polynesia, you’re probably going on your honeymoon or simply looking for a relaxing but amazing beach experience. Tourists going to this beautiful place will surely enjoy the wonderful sights and scenery. However, a trip to French Polynesia is never complete without the refreshing, celebratory sips and sunset cocktails by the beach.

Extreme Fiji Cuisine

OK, for one, the Fijians don’t hesitate to eat insects. They particularly eat the Giant Fijian Long-Horned Beetle, scientific name Xixuthrus Heros. Longhorns are actually one of the biggest beetle species in the world, so they can get a reasonable meal out of a singly bug. They also consider the larvae edible, but because of the religious significance they ascribe to it, only the village chieftain is allowed to eat it.