Advice from the Beach: You're Feeling Sick

a When we say "advice from the beach," we literally mean from the beach. We're stealing wireless from some rich guy's oceanfront mansion while writing this and the accompanying picture is not a mistake. That's a picture of the sky right now. Cloudless. It's literally perfect out here. So when we say you're feeling sick, trust us. Claim food sickness from the bagel you ate this morning. Say your wife is going into labor. Just don't go back to the office after lunch. Hit the road. We're going for a swim, then we'll check the traffic for you. But get out here. Now.

For the excuse challenged, a little help1,001 Excuses [Amazon]


WeatherDesk: You Say Partly Cloudy, I Say Partly Sunny


It's not what you say, it's how you say it and we’re getting sick of the glass-is-half-empty attitude over at Coupled with the forecasting travesty that was last weekend (they were predicting partly cloudy with a chance of showers on Saturday and rain all morning and clouds all day on Sunday), we’re thinking it’s time to find a new forecaster. This is a play on the old New England cliché, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute,” in that, we don’t like the weather, so we’re just going to change our weatherman. Above is the rosy, glass-is-half-full approach that is taking to this weekend: “Partly sunny and pleasant.” That’s what we’re talking about. For the pessimists jump on through and see the misery that everyone else is predicting.

Your weekend dose of weather doom and gloom just ahead...


Weekend Agenda: Get High, Get Cultured, Get Caught

Should you manage to peel yourself off the beach towel and pry the Corona out of your hand, here's just a few of the weekend's highlights...


Get High: Kiteboarding is pretty much the most fun you can have in the Hamptons with your pants on. It is to windsurfing, what the Ferrari is to the horse and buggy, and as the world's fastest growing water sport, it's high time you strapped on a board and hit the air. A word of caution: don't try this on your own. There are plenty of "kitemares" that you'll hear around the shore (people hitting houses, getting dragged through the parking lot etc.), so sign on with a trained pro like the devilishly handsome Walker Brock of Skywalk Kiteboarding. A few lessons and you'll be ready for big air sessions.
· Skywalk Kiteboarding

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Cycle world

Posted At : May 31, 2007 8:24 PM | Posted By : Lisa Carlson
Related Categories: Small Business

I will start off by saying that I know nothing about scooters.  What I do know is that I am tired of paying over $3.00 for gas. I am a 46 year old female living in Virginia Beach.  I wanted to get a scooter to get me around town and back and forth to work.  I went to Cycle world on 5/28/2007, Memorial Day.  I saw 2 scooters.  I asked the differences.  I was told that the differences were the size of the engine.  The larger one, Vino 125 was a little nicer,however I needed to get it registered with motor vehicle and have it insured.  It sold for $2200.00.  I asked my salesman, Is that all I need to do?  His responce was , "yes, and you need to get a helmet."  Great!!  Sold!!

 So... Im putt-putting around town and here it is 3 days later and Im talking to a friend.  She procedes to tell me that she herd that I need to get a motorcycle license to drive my little scooter!!!   What!!  I wasnt told that by my friendly salesman at Cycle World!!!

  To make along story short... I do need a motorcycle license.  I dont want a motorcycle license, and not only that I have a cute $2200.00 scooter in my garage that I cant ride due to not being told this.  Why wasn't this brought to my attention???  Im not 25, Im almost 47!!   O.K. lets forget the age thing... shouldnt he have told me as part of the, "things to know about your scooter speach?"  UMMM he left that one out.  Not only that, My husband called the owner, Larry Brooks, tonight.  No satisfaction from him.  We can trade it in,  but of course its "USED"  and we wont get the full $2200.00 value of it.  Im so mad.!!  I know that this goes on, I know that businesses are not always on the up and up, but tell me what happened to just proper customer service.  Oh,  by the way,  the salesman said that he did tell me that I needed to get a motorcycle license.  SAD!


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